CDA is dedicated to excellence in design, managament and quality service and shares the commercial philosophies of the business community.

As a leading Design Firm in Jakarta, CDA has been servicing multinational clients in Indonesia since 1993. CDA specializes in Interior Design, Architecture and Project Management. With a staff of over 20 trained professionals we combine overseas experience and a local staff to deliver an international level of service at locally competitive prices. Our many multi-national clients will attest to our professionalism, creativity and the attention we give each project.

CDA is dedicated to excellence in design, management and quality service and shares the commercial philosophies of the business community. We believe that good design is good business if well-conceived, progressive, and innovative yet environmentally and socially responsible. Through carefully considered use of materials and finishes, CDA ensures that our design will satisfy the client's taste, commercial requirements, market image and market position. The strengths we offer to your projects include:

A fully staffed design office; offering both local and expatriate expertise.

Our familiarity with International design standards and Asian construction practices enable us to realize projects of high quality in the local environment.

We combine creativity and practicality to realize a project consistent with a client’s requirements.

A successful track record; we have delivered profitable projects, on time and on budget, often in difficult and remote locations.

We view every project as an opportunity to establish long term relationships.

Our experienced designers will help you explore the scope of a project and its associated costs-early on, before decisions are made and money is spent. This ensures that informed decisions will be made throughout the planning process. The bottom line is that professional design is an essential component of a successful project. From master planning to construction documentation, CDA’s professionals will help determine which design services are right for your project. We will assemble the necessary team of professionals from a variety of disciplines to take the project to completion.