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From the beginning, CDA founders Rick and Henry always spoke of their commitment to the community and how best to serve a greater good as an integral part of their company vision. Consequently, since in 1993 they annually participated in community service projects, until formally adopting a program when Indonesia became the first country to require Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, in 2007. CDA’s mission is to take an active role in certain outreach initiatives that support positive social and environmental change. In the past few years, CDA has promoted a number of targeted programs, specifically:

  1. Kedhaton Parahita Drug Rehabilitation project in Sentul, outside Jakarta,
  2. PRR mission in Larantuka, Flores,
  3. R.O.L.E. foundation for sustainability and their Bali-Wise project for the empowerment of women.

Our commitment to sustainability was formalized about the same time as our founder, Rick McBride, became one of the only LEED Accredited Professionals practicing in Indonesia in 2008. CDA strives to embrace a holistic approach in providing sustainable design solutions and strives to choose partners who share this vision to have a positive impact on the world.

To commemorate our 25th anniversary this year and to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan, we enlisted the help of our vendors in supporting our efforts in Bali. As the base of our first branch office, the needs of Bali have always been on our radar, however this past year not only has the plight of the island’s plastic waste problem gone viral, but also the urgent need of disaster relief for the victims of the island’s volcanic eruption and recent earthquakes has captured our attention. Additionally 2018 has brought a newfound awareness of women’s issues, arisen from the global “Me-Too” movement and the plight of disenfranchised women. With these issues foremost in our minds it was decided to concentrate our energy this year on Bali addressing these three points: waste mitigation, disaster relief, and women’s empowerment.

CDA began fundraising during Ramadan when the spirit of the season is dedicated to appreciating and sharing god’s gifts and helping the disadvantaged. In an industry and culture such as ours, CDA has always stood out as having a clear and strict policy against receiving gifts, based on the US embassy guidelines. So when we came to our vendors and partners for help in our CSR mission, they overwhelmingly responded with generosity and encouragement. Our CSR initiative this year not only generated an outpouring of donations, but also created a greater awareness for social causes and the power of “paying it forward”.

To celebrate this milestone and to show gratitude for the support, the CDA staff also participated in a beach cleanup at Pantai Pandawa and later an event to present our donation to ROLE was held at the bamboo constructed Bale Udang Mang Engking Restaurant in Bali in August 2018. A large portion of the donation goes directly to their zero-waste-to-oceans initiative. A portion also, goes to sponsoring students in the “Bali-Wise” program empowering marginalized women through skills education as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia. To learn more, visit It was both humbling and inspiring to see how appreciative the beneficiaries were. Separately a donation was made to the relief effort to the victims of the 7.0 earthquake on neighboring Lombok.

The secondary goal of this CSR initiative was to involve our partners to increase awareness and help them understand the importance of sustainability, and the effect we have on both the environment and the communities we depend on. We were delighted to be able to spread the generosity of the season and direct funds to effective and worthy causes giving back to the community who are most at risk. The overall success of this year’s effort will insure CDA’s CSR program will continue to expand long into the future

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